10 Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Second Home in Big Canoe

Lower Falls in Big Canoe GAWhen you are considering buying a second home in Big Canoe there are some important things that a buyer should consider about the purchase.  These things can impact the home’s future value, the ease of the transaction, the price you pay and how you use the property.  The following list will assist you in the purchase of your second home.

  1. Make sure you consider how often you will use your new second home and where you will want it to be located in the Big Canoe community…close to the amenities or in some of the more remote areas of the community.
  2. Understand what drives the home values in Big Canoe beyond the home itself.  Things such as location near the amenities, views from the home, value of nearby homes and lake, golf and creek front lots will impact the value of a home.
  3. Elevation of the home can provide views, but also can make access difficult at some times in the winter due to ice and snow.
  4. Be familiar with the community covenants so you understand rules of the community which can limit what you want to do with your property.
  5. Understand the cost of operating the home including utilities, taxes, insurance and maintenance.  You should have an idea of the monthly costs for your second home investment.
  6. Understand the operation of the community Property Owner’s Association and its financial situation.  You should also understand any additional condo association rules and the association’s financial situation.
  7. Buyers should gather historical information on Big Canoe real estate market so they understand how it has performed over the last 5 years.
  8. Make an assessment of the best time to buy a second home in Big Canoe.  Winter often offers the best time to make a second home purchase since real estate activity is usually slow.
  9. Get your financing in place before you start looking so you know your purchasing capability.  This will provide you with the ability to make an offer and know that you will have the funds for the purchase.
  10. If you plan on renting your second home make sure you purchase a home in an area that improves its rental ability.  Being near the Big Canoe amenities (clubhouse, golf, tennis, lakes, fitness center, hiking trails, etc.) improves the desirability of rental properties in the community.

To get the best advice on the purchasing a second home in the Big Canoe community contact Harry Norman, Realtors (770-893-2400) today and speak to one of our expert agents.


5 Key Lifestyle Considerations When Buying a Big Canoe Home

Big Canoe homes for saleThere are 5 really important factors you should consider when purchasing a Big Canoe home to make sure your selection matches your lifestyle.  Buyers often dive into a purchase and then find out that they really should have considered some factors beyond the color of the walls and type of flooring.

Think about these 5 important factors when selecting a mountain home.

  1. Size Matters – The first fact to consider is size of the home, and whether this is going to be a part time home or full time home.  A part time home may not require as much space, be as well-appointed or a need a garage. However, in a full time home you may want more of the conveniences of life.   Make sure you purchase a home that matches your plans and use.
  2. What’s Going On With You – The second thing you should evaluate is what you expect your daily activities to be like, which may impact where you would like the location of your home.  If you are working and commuting to your job you may want your home to be located within a few minutes of one of the Big Canoe gates to reduce your commute time.  If you are working from home, or are retired, you may not care too much about how long it takes to drive out of the community.   However, if you have many activities that are occur outside of the community, and you expect to be doing a fair amount of driving, you may also care about the amount of time it takes to get to the gates.
  3. The High Life – The third factor that a home buyer should consider is the elevation of the property   If you are looking for a home with a big view those homes will generally be located at the higher elevations of Big Canoe.  Something to think about when looking at homes in the higher elevations, above 2000’ MSL, you can expect that in the winter it will take longer for the snow and ice to melt!  When you get above 2500‘ MSL there will be significant increase in the snow melt time and there may be periods when you might have difficulty driving to and from homes at the higher mountain elevations.
  4. Decking It Out – The direction that the back of the home faces may also be a factor that should be considered when selecting a home.  If your decks are facing to the east or west you will get the morning and afternoon sun.  If your decks are facing north they will be cold in the winter and cool in the summer and if they are facing south you will get the winter sun and they will be hot in the summer.  So, be sure to consider your deck’s placement, and how you plan to use your outdoor living space.
  5. Happiness – Does this home feel like you belong here?  No matter what the other factors are you need to feel like this home is a great match for you and your family.

Think through the type Big Canoe home you are looking for and make sure the home and location matches your lifestyle.  If you believe that you’re ready to make the move to the mountains of Big Canoe, let Harry Norman, Realtors help you get started. Contact us today, 770-893-2400, to speak to one of our agents.

Now is a Great Time to Buy a Home in North Georgia

Big Canoe Homes for Sale in North Georgia Mountains

Beauty of the North Georgia Mountains

Spring is finally here in North Georgia and now is the best time to put your home on the market. The beauty of the North Georgia Mountains bring visitors from near and far for vacations, festivals, apple picking and more. Many of these visitors decide that they too would love to have a weekend getaway or  a GA mountain home of their own, making this time of year the perfect time to list your home with Harry Norman, Realtors’, North Georgia Office.

  • The monthly supply of homes for sale is at its lowest point since May 2005 while homes are selling at a pace not seen since 2007. What this means for Seller’s is that you could get a higher price for your home because demand is high and supply is low.
  • As summer approaches, inventory will increase dramatically so it’s a good idea to list your home now while demand is high.
  • New construction is making a comeback. Listing your home before the market is flooded with new home inventory will keep you ahead of the supply curve and could help you sell your home at a higher price.
  • Homes are selling fast. With interest rates at an all-time low, there are more Buyers feeling the need to purchase a home fast because rates won’t be this low forever.

If you’re considering selling your home in the communities of Big Canoe, Bent Tree, Jasper, Dawsonville, Canton or Cumming GA, call Harry Norman, Realtors’ North Georgia Office and we can help you get started.

Gibbs Gardens Fall Beauty in North Georgia

Gibbs Gardens Japanese Garden

Gibbs Gardens – Japanese Garden Pool

Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia is great place for day outing in fall beauty of the N. GA mountains.  Whether you are plant lover or just like being outdoors this is the place for you.  The winding paths of the Gardens provide a new spectacular view at every turn.  The Japanese  Gardens are the largest in North America.   This section of the Gardens have numerous pools and bridges to view the manicured shrubs and water lilies.  Bring your camera and you can take spectacular pictures of the reflecting pools that will highlight your memories of this world class venue.  While you are in the area visit Harry Norman, Realtors in the Foothills Shopping Village and see what the communities of Big Canoe and Bent Tree have to offer in the way of North Georgia real estate.

Big Canoe Short Sales Should Move Much Faster this Summer

The Federal Housing Finance Agency is requiring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two if the largest mortgage lenders in the country, to speed-up the final decision making regarding short-sales.  Beginning on June 15th these lenders will have no more than 60 days to report their decision.  These new guidelines are great news for owners of Big Canoe homes who may need to short sale their homes.  Often times the average wait for a response from lenders takes 90 days, if you’re lucky.  Some never get an answer and are forced into foreclosure.

Big Canoe GA Short Sales

The newly implemented process is expected to greatly boost the housing market; something that we all know is much needed.  The amount of short-sale requests have been increasing.  In fact, the amount of short-sale has out-ranked the number of foreclosures in some areas lately.  This is due to the lenders being in favor of approving a short-sale, rather than foreclosing on a home or property.

Requiring these lenders to make a decision in 60 days can save many home-owners from the credit-crippling fate of a foreclosure.  If the borrower isn’t behind on payments, and the short-sale approval stated that the debts were settled completely there may not even be a credit hit.  Make sure, however, that you’re choosing the right realtor to handle your short-sale.  There are not many that have the knowledge to handle such a complex case.  If you find that you’re in dire need of a short-sale in attempts to avoid a home foreclosure you need to find someone that knows what to do.  Give Harry Norman Realtors North Georgia office a call and get in touch with an agent that really knows Big Canoe real estate and how short sales can work for you.

Gibbs Gardens Opens in Ball Ground GA

Gibbs Gardens Opens to the publicGibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, GA 30107 opened to the public yesterday.  This one-of -a kind 300 acre garden complex took over 15 years of planning and development and was recently featured in the February 2012 issue of Southern Living with 4 page article.  People planning on attending the gardens should plan on spending the day to take in the entire complex.  For visitors looking for lodging while visiting the Gibbs Gardens, Harry Norman, Realtors located near the community of Big Canoe GA, recommends Mountain Home Rentals of Georgia.  For lodging information contact David Sharp at 770-843-2651.

Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground GA will Bring Visitors to the Big Canoe Community

Gibbs Gardens Ball Ground GAGibbs Gardens in Ball Ground GA is going to be a huge attraction for North Georgia and bring thousands of visitors to the North GA Mountains. The Gardens are as beautiful as any in North America. With over 200 acres of finely manicured gardens with waterfalls and reflecting pools the Gardens are designed to make a visitor totally at peace with nature’s beauty. The Gibbs Gardens Manor House provides a place to relax and enjoy the gardens. Visitors can stroll through the gardens on the numerous walking paths and bridges that span the water features.

While in North Georgia at Gibbs Gardens, visitors should take some time to visit Big Canoe and see what this one-of-a -kind resort has to offer in the way of Big Canoe homes and weekend get-a-ways. Big Canoe provides a great place to relax and enjoy the benefits of mountain living in clean and secure environment. The amenities in Big Canoe are second to none in the southeast U.S.  Big Canoe amenities include 27 holes of golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, a full service fitness center with an indoor pool, a beach, 2 outdoor swimming pools, miles of hiking, boating and fishing. Big Canoe has over 90 clubs and organizations that cover almost any interest imaginable. Big Canoe real estate prices range from sub $100,000 to several million dollars and every price in between.

Harry Norman, Realtors is a highly experienced Big Canoe Realtor located just down the road from the community of Big Canoe, GA. For more information on Big Canoe or any North Georgia real estate contact Harry Norman, Realtors at NGINFO@HarryNorman.com or call 770-893-2400.

Gibbs Gardens – Atlanta Motorsports Park and Big Canoe GA Real Estate

I have been closely watching North Georgia and particularly Big Canoe real estate since the market really headed down.  Big Canoe has been banging along the bottom of the market for a couple of years due to the poor economy and high unemployment across the region.  I have watched as buyers and sellers try to maneuver through buying agreements to get the best deals that they can out of a transaction.  Some of the deals have been really great for the buyers and other deals have fallen apart when a purchaser got cold feet because of perceived market conditions.  I think that there are several reasons to believe that this is the time to make a buying decision on Big Canoe real estate.

Gibbs Daffodil Gardens near Big Canoe GA

Gibbs Gardens - Near the Big Canoe GA Community

Just down Yellow Creek Road across the Cherokee County line is the location of Gibbs Gardens.  This is truly a world class Garden that is opening in March 2012 will annually attract thousands of visitors from around the country and around the world to the Big Canoe area.  These visitors will not only be looking at Gardens, but they will be looking at the area which will lead to interest in real estate.  Nothing helps and economy more than visitors who are spending money and looking over the local area and attractions.  They will need places to stay and of course Big Canoe will be high on the list of great places to spend time while visiting Gibbs Gardens.

Just across the Dawson County line on Highway 53 is the controversial Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP).  This facility will bring in people from across the southeast to become members of this high end club and  participate in driving their high performance cars on the 2 mile road course.  Members will bring their families and spend time at the track and they will also look around the area for places to live or second homes.  This venue is not everyone’s idea of what they like in North Georgia, but it is here and it will have a positive economic impact on the neighborhood and Big Canoe real estate.

So the bottom line is that the economy has been really bad for the last couple of years, but there activities occurring that will have a positive impact on the local real estate market.  This means that if you are looking at Big Canoe homes now is  probably a good time to lockup that great deal at the current low interest rates…because they won’t probably won’t stay low much longer.  I expect that these new venues, as different as they are from each other, will be really good for the economy of North Georgia and Big Canoe real estate.


Big Canoe Homes and North Georgia Real Estate Market Trends

Harry Norman, Realtors Free Market Tracker ToolIf you are thinking of purchasing a home in North Georgia in communities such as Big Canoe, Bent Tree or Achasta or towns such as Jasper, Dahlonega, Ellijay, Dawsonville or Blue Ridge you should understand the current market trends in each area.  Market trends are important in helping to understand how a particular housing market is performing.

Data such as average listing and sale prices can provide information that will help sellers set realistic listing prices and assist buyers in making offers on properties.  Additional information such as average days on market prior to sale can also provide excellent insight into setting listing prices that should get attention from potential buyers. This helps sellers to set their expectations about how much time it may take to sell their property.

Harry Norman, Realtors’ North Georgia Office, just down the road from the community of Big Canoe GA, is offering real estate buyers and sellers a FREE tool to track market trends in the communities they are interested in.   Called Market Tracker, this Free Market Trends tool provides a monthly snap shot of real estate trends in Georgia communities including Big Canoe, Jasper, Dahlonega, Ellijay, Dawsonville, Blue Ridge, Canton, Cumming and Hiawassee GA to name a few of the markets that can be monitored with the tool.  The tool can be subscribed to with the click of a mouse and just your name and email address.  Once you have subscribed to the tool you will get a report at sign up and then a report on the 10th of each month that you stay subscribed.

Click the market trends image and sign up now!

Buying a Home | Dawsonville GA

Buying a home in Dawsonville GA is growing in popularity with more people looking for an escape from the noisy traffic, crowded apartment complexes and rising crime rates indicative of more urban areas.  Located just up 400, you don’t have to give up work in Atlanta when looking Dawsonville GA homes for sale.  This is not just a town famous for being the birthplace of NASCAR and the home of Bill Elliott.  It is a growing town that has easy access to outlet stores while retaining its small town appeal.  Life slows down in this part of the world where there is still plenty of open space for kids to safely play and learn about nature all on their own.   Buying a home in Dawsonvill GA is definitely a wise investment. Buying a Home | Dawsonville GA

Close to such natural adventures as a hike up Amicalola Falls and/or days in the water on Lake Lanier, Dawsonville GA is an area that’s sure to have something that the whole family can enjoy together.  These are factors that Harry Norman Realty knows are important to many who still want to be close enough to the city to visit the Georgia Aquarium, Fernbank Museum and Lenox Square Mall but want the peace and quiet of a pastoral community like the one found in Dawsonville GA.

Contact Harry Norman Realty today and learn more about the area from realtors who know the best places to live, play and how much home is best for an individual or growing family.  If you’re looking for a residence to flip in the future, buying a home in Dawsonville GA is the perfect place to start looking.  Harry Norman Realty knows that buying a home in Dawsonville GA is not just a “purchase” but a wise investment for those who want to make the most of the current, improving economic climate.  Not only do these realtors work in this area, they also live here and actively invest in the community.  Call today for an appointment to meet an agent and take a tour of Dawsonville GA Homes for the perfect place for you to settle down.